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San Galgano

Chiusdino (SIENA)

Hunting Reserve

Tuscany, Italy


Set in the surroundings of Montesiepi’s Eremo and San Galgano Cistercian Abbey, San Galgano Hunting reserve extends over an area of about 430 hectares among central Tuscany’s hills.

San Galgano Hunting reserve

San Galgano Hunting reserve

Those practicing the art of hunting know and deeply love nature and can appreciate what it reserves in the Val di Merse’s unspoilt woods. There, in fact, in the shade of oaks, holm oaks and chestnut trees it is easy to become addicted from the rare combination of art, culture and pure nature. Walking among these places among trees, shrubs and vegetation, by finding here and there boars, roe deer or pheasants’ footsteps, will make the hunting art much more exciting, assisted by a chaperone and a gamekeeper.

Stray Hunting in the Reserve

Inside a 430 hectares Reserve where testing your hunting capacity.

Fenced Hunting trip

Hunting trip with introduced animals, programmed, shot guarantee. Maximum number of participants: 18.

Training of Hunting dogs

Training area for hounds, with or without shot, in a fenced area.

Two steps from History

Traditional cuisine

Ristorante "Antico Tempio" Ristorante "Antico Tempio"
Ristorante "Antico Tempio" Ristorante "Antico Tempio"
"De La Fattoria" Bar
At the end of your long hunting day, our cooks wait for you with delicious Tuscany traditional dishes. A peaceful environment where rediscovering the ancient tastes of Tuscany’s cuisine, tasting local specialties made with high-quality natural ingredients.
"Antico Tempio" Restaurant

The Agritourism

Country-style, warm and welcoming rooms
For those willing to overnight, our rooms and apartments equipped with all comforts, are available. The hunters-guests can arrive at our facility on Friday evening, have dinner and spend the night, for all the hunting weekend.

San Galgano Hunting Reserve

Loc. San Galgano 53012 - Chiusdino (SI) ITALY
Telephone: (+39) 0577 756292
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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San Galgano Hunting reserve

Soc. coop. Agricola San Galgano
Località San Galgano 53012
Chiusdino (SIENA) ITALY

Telephone (+39) 0577 756 292
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Soc. coop. Agricola S.Galgano